Amazon Web Services Console

The uploads are stored in the AWS console in a directory structure.

Login details for the console are in the instruction manual.

Top level:

Original uploads from old support site. Don’t move these assets as it will break the links.

Any new uploads should go into the folders:

documents: Any pdf uploads that are in the pages under menu item “Documents”

machines: Any uploads that go onto the machine pages such as User Manuals, how to documents specific to that machine etc.

materials-supplies: PDFs relating to pages under menu item Materials and Supplies

msds: Safety data sheets

software: All software upgrades and uploads

AWS has a strict file naming convention.

Downloads won’t work if the files aren’t named correctly.

Folders – must be all lowercase, no spaces, only a-z characters and dashes (hyphen) in place of a space

E.g. materials-supplies

Files – Can be upper or lower case. No Spaces. Use dashes (hyphens) or underscores instead of spaces.

E.g. Gravocare_Flyer_Laser.pdf

Uploading a file/files to AWS

  1. Login to the console
  2. Once logged in you land on the S3 buckets page (The service is called S3):

3. All the assets are in “gravotech-support.

4. Click on the bucket and the next level is the directory which contains top-level files and folders.

5. Choose the folder you want the upload to be stored in

6. Once you are within that folder, click “Upload”

7. Choose file/files to add from your computer. You can also drag and drop. Once you’ve added the file, click “Upload” and the file will be uploaded to that folder.

8. Important!!

Once file is uploaded click on the Configuration tab and check the Access control list (ACL) and ensure public access is granted to Everyone. This is important because if the access is not public for everyone the file will not be able to download.

9. If the file DOES NOT have public access for everyone, go back to the directory list and find the file. Check the box next to the file name and click “Actions” (in the top right of the panel) and navigate to the last option of the list “Make Public”.

10. Click Make Public and the asset will be public for everyone to download.

Linking the upload to the website

In order for the customer to be able to download the object from AWS, the object URL must be attached to the download button in the website. To get the URL click the file in AWS.

The object details will be shown. The object URL is the last URL in the right hand column. Copy the entire URL.

In WordPress find the image block or element that you want the download to link to and open it. Paste the URL into the link box:

Please note that not all “downloads” link to an image box. Some link to a button and some link to text. It depends on the download and the category.